I realized I needed an artist site because my webcomic Fried Cheese Balls is so topical that posting about anything not related to India or Indian culture just seems off-topic. That site needs to have a tight focus – and I needed a place where I could get on my soapbox & shout to my heart’s content.

Plus I don’t want to perturb older Indian folk who might be genuinely offended by shits & fucks (see what I did there Rocco?). I can imagine them now, all saying I have a foul mouth, all the while shaking their fist or making gestures like this:

This is Russell Peters making the Indian nothing hand gesture. The face is pretty accurate too.
This is comedian Russell Peters making the Indian ‘nothing’ hand gesture.Or ‘where’, depending on context.

So here it is – my professional artist site. All the previous posts were migrated from FCB, where things will be All Indian, All the Time. Here I’ll blog about comics, movies, animation, marketing, entrepreneurship and whatever else is on my mind.

Just remember: opinions are like assholes…


Photo credit & license


If you can read this, I did it right!

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