What the hell…?

What the hell is Jackson looking at?! We’ll find out on the next page!

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The original page was published sometime back in August. But today is 11/30/2018 and I finally made a creative & narrative change that had been bugging me for awhile. Also, I ditched the cel shading because time and we finally get to see a benefit of switching from ComicEasel to Webcomic: I cut up the page into panels and the comic is now FULLY RESPONSIVE!


In other news, this page took a hair under 3 weeks to finish. It would have easily been in 2w or less if I’d managed my time better – and perhaps not left comicking to late at night when I’m mentally exhausted.

The good news is that I finished my 100 days of comic making challenge successfully a few days ago! Not bad, after making it to only 67 days the first try. Working daily makes a YUGE difference in creativity and productivity.

And our local con (the Tampa Bay Comic-Con) was 2 week ago. It was & inspiring (especially a panel with 3 middle-school SCBWI members) and I’ve resolved to get a table next year. Of course I need to have merch and stuff in order to table.

So the other resolution is to move this comic to a weekly posting schedule. This should be interesting, coming up with a daily production schedule. And adhering to it.

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