Father plans to ‘Indianize’ Fourth of July hot dogs again

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Local dad Arun Ramagopal is again planning to try to make hot dogs into an Indian flavored food. He tried this last year but his family has stated that his efforts fell flat. They expect the same to occur this year but are supporting him nonetheless.

“We’re Indian and we love bold, audacious flavors,” said Mr. Ramagopal, an engineer at Initech. “Now the American hot dog is nice but it has room for improvement. Last year I tried basting them with a buttered garam masala mix and it wasn’t too bad. This year, I’m making an Indian chili dog with a keema and chole mix. But this is just a prelude because next year, I’m entering the Fishtown Chili Cookoff – India is going to represent!”

Mrs. Ramagopal noted that her husband is actually a pretty good cook and that these biennial efforts may eventually bear fruit. However, she’s stashed an extra pack of hot dogs in the back of the fridge just in case.

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